Just Want Privacy. Please Watch

When I discovered (through my own inquisitions) that our YMCA was allowing men into the women's locker room, I immediately pulled my kids out of all programs there and cancelled our membership.  I didn't want to risk their safety,  EVER.

After watching the video below, I know I have made the right choice to withdraw my patronage and financial support from the YMCA.   And I am so very, very thankful that my children are not in public schools where the privacy of their most intimate personal habits and hygiene no longer matter. I would encourage everyone to watch the video below.  All of it. The last speaker of the video will surprise you.

If you are inclined, please share the video and consider volunteering to gather signatures to over turn this hideous law.  I've decided I will be part of the solution and gather signatures.  

Please visit https://justwantprivacy.org/ for more information.