National Geographic Field Trip

As much as I complain about living near a big city and as much as I detest the "progressive" politics in Seattle, I have to admit that sometimes this city offers really cool perks.  It's nice to have access to lots of resources and opportunities.

Example: Last Tuesday we gathered some friends together and headed out to Benaroya Hall again in Seattle to listen to a lecturer from National Geographic discuss his underwater photography adventures.

It was one in a series of events offered by National Geographic.  More info on that here:

It was a gorgeous spring day!  Sometimes the weather here is beautiful.  It doesn't actually rain every day. Believe it or not.  Another bonus: I survived the traffic in and we met up with the group without losing anyone.  :)

Benaroya Hall is a beautiful venue right in the heart of downtown.

There were lots of buses! Lots of school kids.  Lots of noise!

The speaker was fabulous and his pictures were breathtaking.  Really cool.   Wish that I had been able to stay for more than 7 minutes of it, but that's about how long it took before baby was too noisy to stick around and I had to head out.

I was soon followed by other moms in our group who had little ones along that day.   This is how it goes when you homeschool.  You want the older kids to have opportunities that the youngers are not quite ready for .  It's a constant back and forth.  It is a  real balancing act trying to meet the needs of kids that vary in age from 9 months to 13.  Anyway, we're all learning to give and take.

This is part of our crew getting a seat in a very boisterous auditorium.

There were 5 families and this many kids!  Plus two more that were not in the picture.

So there you go.  Another piece of my love-hate relationship with Seattle.