Pinewood Derby 2016

One thing I love about the scouting program is the effort to include whole families in the pack meetings and special events.

Last night we all went to see my son compete in the Pinewood Derby!  My oldest was out babysitting and she hated to miss it.  She got an earful later though.

before the race started we had a fun surprise.  One of the members of our church is a racer and has a REAL race car! He brought it to show it off to the kids. I am not at all impressed by cars. I never have been.  But it was cool to get up close to one of these things and learn a little bit about the car, gear, and physics of racing.

The owner of the car brought it inside of a mega huge RV that was brand new.  He opened up the back of the RV and the kids were able to get up on the end of it and listen while standing next to the car.

I snuck up in the back and took pics from inside the RV looking out.

We headed inside for the Derby.  This was my first time watching a derby and it was pretty fun.  Of course there were super fun snacks and a lot of energy from the announcer of the races!

The anticipation!

The cheering section

He won second place over all.  :)  And he got a special award for best use of color.  Don't be deceived by his nonchalant look.  He was super excited to participate and win second place!