Need Another Reason to Homeschool?

It's late. I'm tired. I wont' take long to say this. But I have seen no less than TWO articles today about transgender bathroom laws in different states: VA and NC.

I can tell that this transgender bathroom thing will just keep coming up over and over again until the whole country is forced to  pretend that it's ok for naked boys and girls to shower together, or for men and 15-yo girls to use the same restroom.  The left is very good at using the ware-down tactic. They hammer and hammer and hammer away until the nation is so weary of the debate and so afraid of being "unfair" that we all just cave to the nonsense.

But if you ever needed another reason to homeschool, this just might be the one.  Check it out.

Transgender Boy Sues School for Accommodating her Bathroom Needs.