A Spoon Full of Sugar

A little sugar helps the Assessment Day go well.

Yes, that's right.  I eased the burden of annual assessments with a little sugar in the form of some frozen yogurt today.  Our state requires annual assessments of all homeschoolers ages 8 and older.  We used the CAT and did just the math, reading, science and social studies portions. Half way through the testing we took a break and got a treat before heading out to the library and the park

I always tell the kids that the test is more for ME so I can know how I'm doing as a teacher. That seems to help ease any concerns they may have.

I don't actually put a whole lot of stock in testing. It's a picture of one moment in time along a life-long journey of learning.  But the skill of taking a test is one they need to build.  So I don't mind it as much as some homeschoolers may.

These kiddos worked hard today.

This was his first testing experience. Working hard at his desk.

This one is too young for testing so we spent the day reading stories in between my proctoring.
This one worked at the dining table

ANd this one was testing at the kitchen table

It turned out to be a blustery April day.   We felt especially cold after eating our fro yo.   But we headed out to the park to play anyway.

Um, he said he was too cold to get out.  Wearing shorts on a windy day after eating frozen yogurt = hiding in the back of the car to stay warm?  Ok....