Nature Inspired Art

We moved up the date for our next art club because some of the kids will be out of town next week.  My goal for the lesson was to help the girls understand that artist must be good observers and that observing nature can inspire lots of great artwork.

We started by looking at an example of nature inspired art work.

cfc292d71364600e8dbcd359a6631968.jpg (1125×627)
In Flanders Field by Robert Vonnoh

We had fun noticing all the details and colors in this painting.

Then we played a little game that required the girls to use their powers of observation.  It's a common game.  They had all played it before but it was fun.   I set out a bunch of random objects and game them some time to study it.  Then I covered the objects with a blanket and secretly removed an item.  Then I unveiled the set of objects again and asked them to guess which object was missing.  They were pretty good at it!

Then I sent the girls outside to find an object from nature that they would like to study and draw.  They all came back with dandelions!  Of course.  So cute.

I gave each of them a magnifying glass and we spent some time looking at our dandelions and noticing all of their details: The colors, shapes, lines, textures...

We also had a fun time figuring out how to use a magnifying glass!  Things got a little silly.

Here's the dandelion from my sweet little 5 yo.  Love it.