The Results Are In!

Election season is having an effect on on everyone it seems, even my little five-year-old.

Last week she hung up a picture of Ziggy (a zebra puppet used in the phonics program called All About Reading).  Then she drew a picture of a dolphin named Pam to hang up next to Ziggy.
Next, she set up two dolls in a chair in front of the animals and proclaimed them the "debate monitors".

HUH?  I asked her what was going on.  She pointed to the little grids she had drawn and posted next to each animal's picture, then she handed me a sheet of foil stars.  My instructions were to vote for the animal I would like to nominate as our homeschool mascot!  OH MY GOODNESS!  SHE IS SO CUTE!  I wanted to squish her little cute self and just chuckle in awe at her creativity!

Ok, so I followed instructions and put a star on Ziggy's chart.  She then asked every family member to vote, including Ivy.  We sat Ivy in front of the two pictures and waited for her to grab for one of them.  She voted for Ziggy too.  We were instructed to vote once  a day until one of the charts was full! The animal to receive a star-filled chart FIRST would be our new mascot.  You could change who you vote for from day to day.  Interesting!

So tonight my husband cast the deciding vote after work!  And the winner is.....(drum roll)......

Congratulations Ziggy.  It was a tight race between you and Pam the Dolphin. You are now the mascot of the Cedar Heights Academy! (That's what we call our homeschool)  

Does your homeschool have a name....or a mascot?