Poly Morphous Light Eruption (Sun Allergy)

Ok, one more reason to love living in the Pacific North West: Allergies to the sun!

On Monday morning this week my 13yo woke up with a flaming red bumpy rash behind one ear. Weird. No fever. No other symptoms.  It quickly spread to her other ear, her chest, neck and back, Hm. Odd.

I waited it out since there were no other symptoms. By the next day it was making her pretty self conscious so I opted to take her to the walk-in.  They were baffled!  But also concerned, so they quickly got us in to see a dermatologist yesterday who was able to identify the rash as a SUN ALLERGY!

yeah, you know that big bright ball in the sky...it's called the sun...we don't see it much apparently. In fact, we get so little of it that sun allergies are quite common in this area.  We've never had a problem like this in the past despite our beautiful summers in shorts and T-shirts.  But apparently the mix of teenage hormones and first-of-the-year sunshine can trigger reactions.

Who knew!!

I'm glad it isn't something more serious and that it's something she'll outgrow with time.

Parenting is never boring, is it?