3D Animation Course

My kids love to use the computer.  Most kids do these days, right?

My son, especially, is very much intrigued by the computer!  So I figured it was time to do something productive with his interests.

There are several homeschool specific programming/coding courses.  I looked at a lot of them and asked my husband's opinion of them (he's a pretty techie guy) and he thought this one looked good from YouthDigital.com.

It came with a pretty hefty price tag!!  After some hunting I was able to find a 55% off coupon, which brought the price way down, but was still a significant chunk of change!

We bit the bullet and bought him the course, hoping that he would stick with it.  He's been working on it for about three weeks now and is really loving it!  He works on it for about 20-30 minutes a day or so. IT took him a while to get the hang of the software, but he's feeling much more confident now and can work independently.  It looks like he has completed four of the lesson so far.  He hasn't been able to unlock them all yet, so he isn't sure how many lessons there are.

When I asked him if he would recommend this class to a friend he said:

"Yeah, you should do it! IT's really fun. You get to animate lots of things.  My favorite thing that I've learned is to use the half and graph,  You get to animate things on the x, y or z axis."