I Wish Every Kid in America Could Learn This

One day my 12 yo came to me and asked if there was a class that could teach her how the world works.  Wow. That's a broad question.

"Where was this coming from?" I asked.

Well, I don't know for sure. But she sure notices that I listen to a lot of talk radio and that I pay attention to local, state and federal issues.  Sometimes she asks me questions on those topics that I can't even begin to address because the answer is so big.  And so I have to give her one of those lame, "'I'll tell you later" responses.  But here she was, asking me to please help her decipher the world.  Hm.  Where do you start?

After trying to narrow her questions down a little bit I gathered that she wanted to know about money, government, politics and economies.  Yikes.  I didn't think I'd be dealing with this subject matter for a while yet!

I did some research and found an AWESOME resource HERE.

We started out with What Ever Happened to Penny Candy and she is now in the middle of What Ever Happened to Justice.

This is her favorite class! Can you believe it?  I did buy the guides to go with the books, and I also wrote up a syllabus for her to follow so shes can digest it in small bits.  So it's taking us some time.  But wow, I do wish that every kid in America could read these books and take a class like this!  It's amazing.

The good news is that this can be written up as a full credit of high school civics if you do the work with the readings.  And why not!  The knowledge base is fabulous and will help create the educated citizenry that our republic needs if it is to ever survive.