Field Trip: Seattle Symphony

Knowing that I have to head into Seattle makes my blood pressure rise.  I had a headache before we even left this morning.  The crazy traffic in Seattle just stresses me out!

But we do crazy things for our kids, right? we went.

We missed the pre-concert presentation because of nap time.  I had to at least get in the morning nap.  But we  did get there in time to find parking (on the 9th level of the parking garage??  Seriously??), race the two blocks to the concert hall, and get to our seats before the performance began.

I lasted about ten minutes before I had to get out of there with Ivy.  Somehow we lost her binky in transit and I had nothing to keep her tiny mouth occupied.  She wasn't' crying .  She was just being her happy little self, cooing and babbling.  But in a place like Benaroyal Hall with AMAZING acoustics, even one little peep bothers the whole audience. So out I went.  I spent the next two hours hanging out with Ivy while the kids enjoyed the performance.

I was bummed!  The little bit I did get to see was so incredible.  Something about live orchestras stirs my soul.  I found my eyes bulging with tears of....of what...? My heart was swelling with the pure joy of music.

Isn't it just so amazing and so inspiring to witness the culmination of years and years of training as someone pours their heart and soul into a skill or performance for your benefit?   I sat there wondering how long these talented people had trained individually, and then together as  a group, to make this day possible.  I wondered how God, our Father, must take such joy in seeing his children creating music that  beautifies and uplifts his other children.  It made me wish that I could do the same for others.

I know that my calling is here at home for the time being. And I am satisfied with the work I've been given to do in my own little nest.  But I do look forward to a time when I will have more of myself available to offer to the world. I want to create, beautify, edify and help. I will never be a concert violinist.  I actually don't now what work lies in store for me in later chapters of my life.  But I do know that the Lord will lead me there in due time.

For now, I do my best to grow where I've been planted.  Here are some pictures of our trip today.

I was surprised at how much they all loved it! (ok, I hear that the 5yo actually fell asleep during the second half)  But everyone else was very enthusiastic about what they had witnessed.  I think it helps that my 13yo plays the trumpet and the 10  yo  plays the clarinet.  It gave them something to focus on, a point of reference and comparison.  My Mr. 8yo is excited to pick up an instrument soon.  He's talking about the guitar!  That will be cool.

Anyway, it was a Good Friday.

Happy Almost Easter.