Easter 2016

Easter is a poignant time of year for our family as we remember and miss our Hazel that left us much too soon, but take hope in her resurrection and reunification with our family.

My "job" at church is to lead the music for the children during part of their Sunday school.  I was petrified when I was first given this responsibility,but I'm growing into it.  In fact, I think I even enjoy it!  So this Easter the children were invited to sing in our Easter worship service.  I chose a song for them to sing called "Jesus Has Risen."  It's a sweet simple song.  You can listen to it HERE.  As I rehearsed the song with the children in the weeks leading up to Easter, I was so overcome by the words and what they mean to me personally.

I really didn't feel like doing a big Easter dinner this year.  Running on little sleep, plus 9 am church, plus a very full plate of life, added up to "simple dinner".  I went with a recipe from a cookbook I have called Six Sisters Stuff.  I made their red potato and ham casserole. It was really good!  Ivy sure liked it!  And we had trifle for dessert.  My favorite.  I think Ivy liked it too.

Of course we went to visit Hazel on Easter.  We brought her flowers and a basket.

Sorry for my scowyly face.  
While we were visiting Hazel we noticed that she will soon have company.  You can see the orange cone where a new site has been dug.  We left some flowers and Easter eggs for the little one's family.  I ache for them, knowing that the journey of losing a child is a very difficult one.  

My husband purchased the painting below and gave it to me the Christmas after Hazel died.  It reduced me to tears instantly.  It portrays the day that will make us a whole family again.  This is the image I hold in mind when I miss her most.

Resurrection Day
Every year we do an egg hunt in our backyard for the kids.  But the weather was SO CRAZY yesterday.  It was just too wet and our yard was too muddy.  And there was no way I was going to let them do it inside!

My husband happens to have a set of keys to our church, so we went there (after hours) to do our egg hunt!!  We felt a bit naughty doing it!  But we had so much fun.

It might have to be an annual tradition.  Maybe......