Basher Books

I don't normally post twice in one day! I must have a lot to say.

Have you heard of Basher Books?  I hadn't until this past fall.  My 7th grader is doing Chemistry 3 from Noeo Science.  It's a program that uses living books rather than text books for reading material.  One of the books in her course is a Basher book about the periodic table.

Well, my little science guy (8 years old) grabbed her book and read it in bed one night.  He read the whole thing in just a few nights! And even better: He was learning stuff!  It's true!  He was telling me all about the different elements, how they are organized, what their properties are.  He hung up the poster that came with the book by his bed and kept asking me to pick my favorite element so he could tell me all about it.

Seeing how cool the book was, my 10 yo had to read it too!  And then they were both hooked.  They flipped the book over and saw several other basher books advertised on the back cover.  They started begging for basher books for Christmas.  I was more than happy to oblige.

8 yo asked for

10 yo asked for

and even my 5 yo was excited about them!  She asked for

I have to read aloud to the 5yo, but the other kids simply devour those books on their own.  They are fun and easy to read. The concepts are clearly and cleverly conveyed.  The posters are colorful and fun to study, making review a pleasure for the kids. The artwork is what really draws the kids in.  It's just so kid friendly that even big scary topics like microbiology seem like child's play!

I highly recommend these books!  Chances are there is a Basher Book to compliment any topic you are studying right now!