A Walk in the Park

Too little sleep for too many nights is bound to lead to no good. Our sweet little Ivy just isn't a great sleeper.  I found myself irritable and short tempered today.  A good nap could have changed everything. But good naps are hard to come by these days (at least for me!)  and the vibe at home was less than ideal.

Lucky for me it was a gorgeous, sunny spring day here.  So we ate a quick lunch of leftovers, packed up the van with some roller blades, strollers, and basketballs and we headed to the park.  There is a great park here with huge sports fields surrounded by a running loop.  I like to take the kids here so that they can play in the grass or on the playground equipment while I run the loop.  This is the same park where the kids take swimming lessons and do swim team in the summer.

I also love this park because it has a long nature trail through the forest with tall cedar trees, a beautiful babbling stream, and a perfect little bridge for having leaf races.  I loved playing in places like this as a child and it makes my heart happy to see the kids enjoying these things too.

So after a good run, some romping in the sunshine and a splash in the stream we were all feeling MUCH better.  Especially me.  Our afternoon went much more smoothly.  Deep exhale.
Today at the park  :)