Bananas for Spelling

Every time we start a new spelling list for my second grader (yeah, we do some of that) I try to stretch my brain for new and exciting ways to make our spelling practice more fun.  Hangman is still winner, even after all these months!  But this week when I was cleaning out one of our dressers I came across our game of Bananagrams, and I thought the little letter tiles would be a fun way to practice our words. 

Yes, I was right!  My 7yo loves all things tiny and shiny.  She's something of a hoarder and loves to keep everything tucked away in small places.  She scavenges while we are out and about and is always coming home with funny little odds and ends.  So the jangling banana bag full of glossy, cute, shiny tiles was very enticing! For everyone!  We'll be doing this again, I'm sure.