Fire Station Field Trip

This was the icing on the cake after finishing up our 5-week unit on Community Workers  for the Kinderboys, which we finished up on the 15th.

I think this is our third family field trip to a fire station in the last 4 years or so, but the kids never get tired of it and I always manage to learn something new!  Today I learned that the big coats they wear don't protect them from the heat as much as I had imagined.  A fireman told us that a very hot outer coat will burn your skin when it comes in contact with your body. And another told us that he received steam burns from the hot air running up the inside of his coat and escaping out his neck area.  OUCH!!!!!

We started out with some classroom time.

 Then headed out to see the trucks!

Then back to the classroom for hats and coloring books!

One of the girls asked, "Who was the first ever fireman?'  They couldn't tell us.  But after looking online, we found some interesting info on Wikipedia: