Homemade Easter Basket Treats

This year I wanted to go a little above and beyond the normal store-bought candy for the kids' baskets.  Not far beyond, mind you.  I like simple.

So while I was searching the internet I came across this cute idea but I decided to modify it since I didn't have the "puffs" to work with.

I used those mongo pillow-sized marshmallows for the body of the bunny. I cut them in half with kitchen scissors.  Then I cut the other half of the mallow into 4 equal pieces to use for heads.  Everything else was pretty much the same.

I would note that you sure don't need a whole cup of powdered sugar to put these together.  Feel free to cut that in thirds, or even fourths, or LESS.   A little goes a long way.  I made extras for the Sunday school class that I'm teaching tomorrow.  It's going to be the Easter lesson for the 5yo kids, so I get to teach my son in class tomorrow.  These are quick and easy. I think I did 13 of them in about 20 minutes.