A Special Affirmation for Home Schooling Parents

As you look around my blog, you'll probably notice a very eclectic approach to our homeschool. I've picked up bits and pieces of nearly every methodology that I've studied so far and melded them into my own brand of "Kelly School".

There is a new model, however, that has me so deeply intrigued, so thrilled and energized that I have to make mention of it yet again here in this post. Looking at my side bar you may have already guessed what it is: The Thomas Jefferson Leadership Education model. You can visit this site to learn more about teh basic tenets of this education model.

I'm in the middle of reading one of DeMille's book (up until 2am the other night with it) and each page has me nodding my head and saying, "Yes! This makes so much sense."

My one hangup is that, while they claim it is simple and straight forward, it doesn't feel that way to me. At least not yet. Of course, everything new seems a little scary and overwhelming at times. I never thought I'd be able to homeschool at ALL until I tried it....for four months. Then I started to find a groove.

So, while I may not be able to implement a full scale Leadership Education program today, I am definitely making progress and applying a few nuggets of gold that I have immediate need for in my home.
For exmple, we did our six month purge and it felt terrific! We unloaded books, clothes, toys, electronics, DVDs, tools, and more. And today I instituted the Bean Jar Game. I think it will have a whole variety of applications in our every day lives, not just in school.

I've come to accept that making a Leadership Education Home will be a continual work in progress. But that's ok. I look forward to adding many key elements of the TJed into our school, home and family life.

Here's a section of the book that especially gave me strength. Speaking to mothers and wives the author writes,

"We want to affirm your personal mission and unique purpose and share with you our conviction of the incomparable importance of home and family...You have the potential and capacity to accomplish what is needed....Every sacrifice and diligent effort you make will be fruitful in some way at some time and minister to your own success and happiness. Some women wonder if they are "missing their mission" as they nurture family members and "keep the home fires burning." In fact, they are fulfilling their mission and preparing themselves for future purposes through a refining crucible of greatness that has no equal."