Farmer Boy Cooking Experiment

We're now on the third book of the Laura Ingalls series, Farmer Boy. We're enjoying it very much, but we're taking a break from the lapbooking. I feel myself slipping into summer mode and don't mind the break! I need it, I think.

But our mouths water with every meal that Almanzo has with his family! When we read that his favorite dish is fried apples and onins, however, we couldn't help but question his tastes. ick, we thought. But we were also curious so I found this recipe:

and we gave it a shot.

It might have turned out better if we'd used the bacon. We just skipped the bacon and used olive oil in the pan. And we goofed and peeled our apples instead of leaving on the skins.

Not my favorite thing to eat, for sure. But we ALL had plenty of it and even my toddler son seemed to like it all right.

I'm wondering if we ought to invest in the little house cookbook and delve deeper in to Almanzo's delicious world. (He always has apple pie and doughnuts to spare!)