Chore Charts

All right, so now that I've identified myself as "anti chart" you'll find me quite hypocritical to be setting up ANOTHER chart system for my kids, albeit very simple and uncomplicated.

When I was a kid my mom had a really simple chore system which I've decided to reinstate with my own kids since it was easy to understand, easy to use, and everything else I've tried hasn't worked! Ha ha. Going back to my roots.

I think my mom purchased pre-made charts (that was before everyone had their own mini office at home. And I've recreated the same sort of charts to suit our particular circumstance.

The charts are divided up by room and each room has a "quick clean" (daily) and a "good clean" (weekly). You can see the charts I've made so far for the BATHROOM and BEDROOM.

These are simple to use and even my 3yo can follow them by looking at the pictures. It's working well. I simply indicate to them when it's time for a quick clean or a good clean and they know which part of the chart to use. We did use our Monday night family lesson (held weekly) to review these charts and I gave a demonstration on how to follow them exactly. Now they're doing it almost on their own. Hurray. One small victory for our household.


  1. Love how you have the scripture above the chores.


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