NC State Farm Days

Who's up for baby pigs, cow patties, and free ice cream?

We are, duh.

Just ten minutes up the road from where we leave is a HUGE farm owned by NC State Ag department.  I guess they open it up to the public once a year and it's a big to-do.  Of course, the kids loved the animals and the free ice cream.  Ivy got her first close look at chicks, piggies, cows, a horse, goats, and sheep.

My favorite part?  Well, it was free. That's always a favorite.  But my next favorite part was learnign about what it takes to be a farmer these days.  My kids were sufficiently annoyed and bored by the many questions I had for the volunteers manning the display tables and booths about crop rotation and pricing, weather instruments, and uses for soy.  Really...there's so much to farming that we never really think about.

When I see those bumper stickers that say, "Did you eat today? Thank a farmer."  I'm going to take it down right serious.