Fiber Fest NC

The other day I took our three middle kids to the NC state fair grounds for fiber fest! I wasn't sure what to expect.  But we're always looking for fun, free ways to go exploring in our new home, so why not, right?

I think the highlight was learning to use the loom.  I was surprised to see how much the kids enjoyed it! They got a lot of satisfaction seeing the pattern grow and change with the different peddles combinations they used.  The instructors were great! They helped us see how math was part of the process, as well as the thought, concentration, and attention to detail that were needed.

Wouldn't you love to have a loom set up in the corner of the house where your kids could sit down and have SCREENLESS fun for hours while also being productive and quiet??  Oh yeah....I would.  I was super close to buying a loom myself after seeing how much my gamer boy loved weaving!