Them Old Cotton Fields Back Home

Does it make us real North Carolinians that we have actually picked cotton now?  Well, some of us have anyway.  I found a private co-op that was inviting homeschoolers to attend one of their field trips to this cool historic farm with lots of hands on activities.  

And guess what?  I didn't have to go!  It was the FIRST time ever that I dropped off my kids at a school and said goodbye as they went off on a bus to attend a field trip.  Then I took my oldest to  a Spanish class (also a drop off!) and then went home and gave the baby a nap.

Um...for the first time in forever.....I had time on a weekday to clean, read email, make dinner EARLY, pay bills, make phone calls....It. was. awesome!  I mean, really, it felt sooooo good.  Is that what it's like to drop your kids off at school every day?  I'll confess it was kinda nice.  But on the other hand, the whole time they were gone I was missing them, thinking of them, wishing I had been there to get my own photos and experience the learning with them.

Picking Cotton?  That's something you can't do in WA!  Glad some of the kids got to have this southern experience so soon in our new home state.  On our way to the bus I was singing this song for the kids

Looking forward to more exploring in our new home state!