Human Body: Final Presentation

It feels good to be wrapping up the year and finishing projects.  I'm so glad to be putting this year in the books.  It was a great year!  Don't get me wrong. But homeschooling is always a little extra challenging with a new baby in the house.  Next year I may eat those words!  Next year we'll have a toddler destroying all of our work and getting into everything you can think of.  Well, I've lived through it before. I'm sure we can make it work again.  :)  Big inhale.

Anyway, 5th grader just finished up her unit on the human body.  I've posted a lot of her work here recently because she had such a good time using the resources that came with her unit and doing all fo the fun hands on projects.  I will definitely be using this unit again in the future with my other kids.

I accidentally threw out her model of a human lung.  But here is a compilation of some of her other work that she put together for her final presentation.  So proud of her hard work!!