Such a Nice Day

We get lots of gray rainy days around here.  When the sun is out we feel lucky and grateful!  And when the sun is out on a Saturday we feel like we won the lottery!  That's why I get so frustrated when beautiful Saturdays, few as they are, get swallowed up by to-do lists and busy weekend tasks.

We were headed in that direction today and I kept saying to the kids, "It's such a nice day, go out and do something!"  But then the Hubs and I were busy with things and couldn't really direct their activity much.

There was a lull at 3 pm.  Finally.  So I quickly packed up the kids and we took our raft to a little lake that's just about 5 minutes away.  We paddled.  Well, they paddled.  I had the baby strapped to me so I  didn't feel safe getting in with her.  I had to just trust them to get out there , be safe, have fun and make it back to shore without drifting away.

They did really well. And we mostly had fun  (you know how it can go, right?)  Course, a little Jamba Juice at the end goes a long way toward adding to the fun.  :)

It really was such a nice day. I'm glad we got out for a few hours anyway to enjoy the sunshine.

7th grader wasn't there. She spent her day as I imagine most 13-year-old girls would like: Visiting the mall and going to friends' houses.  We missed her.