Pumpkin Farm

I love this time of year.   One thing that we all look forward to each year is a trip to our favorite local pumpkin patch!

We skipped a few of our favorite activities, like shooting the corn gun (they were out of corn, if you can believe it!!) and riding the cow train.  But this year we let the older girls try out the corn maze and of course we picked up a few treats from the country store while we were there.  They always manage to squeeze us for a few dollars we hadn't planned to spend.  :)  But we love it.  It's become a family tradition.

Riding the wagon out to the pumpkin patch

We tell the kids they can pick any pumpkin they want as long as they can get it in the wheel barrow with out help.

corn kids

Sometimes the funnest things are free! It turned out to be a very warm afternoon

Special delivery!