High as a Kite

As part of our studies on Ben Franklin the inventor, we decorated and put together a kite. This simple kite was purchased at the moving beyond the page website as part of their Ben Franklin unit study. The instructions were fairly clear and easy to follow.

The only real difficulty was trying to give the kite more string when it finally caught a little wind. The rectangular cardboard wound with very thin string was just too difficult for young hands to manipulate while simultaneously trying to get the kite airborne. But we sure had a lot of fun in the process.

We were lucky enough to catch a break between downpours long enough to get outside and test our beautiful kite. Luckily we live in a pretty quiet cul-de-sac, so I was comfortable with the kids running across and in the street to attempt a lift off.

Fortunately, nobody snapped a pic of me and my 24-week belly running down the street with the kite.  The good news is that I actually had it up in the air, if only for a brief time. 

Decorating the kite before assembly

I'm sure the hand-held fan was instrumental in getting the kite up
Oh, if only we could have let out the string a bit. This was a very near success!

Preschooler preferred to watch our antics from secret hideout.
Spooky mystery hand....reaching for the innocent princess. OH MY.