Preschool Lesson: B

Ballerinas, Blueberries, Bananas, Balloons and Bubbles!

But first of all, free play! The most important part.

Next we sat on the rug together and did a review of A from last week. Then we introduced B.  We did the sound drawers, the salt box, and tracing the felt letters.

Next we read a story about Ballerinas.

We broke out the ballet slippers and tutus (luckily I have 2 matching sets of these items) and we watched a little bit of

as we followed along.

Using the backs of these tiny chairs served well as a substitute bar.

After expressing our inner ballerinas, we went upstairs to bake blueberry muffins!

While the muffins were baking we blew Bubbles.
And we read a story about Balloons:

It's amazing how time fills itself with these two lovely preschoolers.  They are so fun to teach.   And my little preschooler is pointing out all her "Big Bs" where ever we happen to be.
Oh, I sent them home with a B coloring page