Fossil Day

We are fortunate to live close to a great campus with some fun resources like a planetarium and great museums.  One of the campus museums was offering activities for National Fossil Day.  So we took the day off to go participate.   Unfortunately, many of the activities were closed for various reasons that I won't get into.  But we made the most of our visit and enjoyed what was available to us.

watching archeologists restore a triceratops thigh, discovered in Montana this past summer

Making rubbings of ancient crustations and faux fossils

The Mastadon!

reproduction of a fossil made by a rhino that was caught in a lake when it flooded with lava.

Almost as tall as a brontosaurus' thigh bone

Checking out specimens on this cool microscope

The vent provided some comic relief

The kids were a little shocked at the "inappropriate" statue outside the museum.  Yeah, it can catch you off guard!