Presentation Day and Lots of Badges!

Every six weeks a local home school co-op has a presentation day where kids can get together and share something about what they've been learning at home. It happens that most of the kids in this group also do Frontier Girls/Quest Club, so we use this opportunity to present badges that the kids have earned in the past six weeks also.

Today all four of the kids did presentations.  We're getting better at his with practice!

My little 2yo's presentation was priceless. She wanted to wear her too-tu (sp?) and do some dancing.
And then she showed off her favorite horsie toy.

My 5yo son did a GREAT job this time showing his items.  He showed his sight word fish (again), the calendar he made, his printing book that he finished, and then he showed a cool activity that he has been using to learn about compound words.  He showed the kids how the pieces fit together to make compound words.
My 7yo daughter also did a great job.
She chose to display a coloring page she finished of a Leonardo da Vinci painting, she completed a 4-digit subtraction problem for everyone while explaining the steps, and she read a cinquain that she wrote about stars.

Sadly, I have nopictures. I forgot to ask someone to help me take pictures while I was up front with her.

My 10yo needs no help up front, so I have plenty of pics of her.  She did a presentation of Unit 4 from Paths of Settlement from the Trail Guide to Learning Series. She showed her map work.
 She gave brief book reviews on Lincoln and Clara Barton biographies.

She read a eulogy that she wrote for Robert E. Lee.  She explained how the civil war broke up many families who were on opposing sides of the issues.

We were all fascinated by the presentation of the snake!

The kids have really enoyed working on their Frontier Girls/Quest Club badges.  We often work together with another family on the badges, so it's even more fun.  Here's what they all worked on in the past six weeks:
For the 5yo-
Community Worker, pizza, first aid, kindness
For the 7yo-
pizza, first aid, kindness, etiquette, baking, cooking, and Shirley Temple
For the 10yo-
pizza, first aid, etiquette, baking, cooking, Shirley Temple and reading