Taking A Ride Downtown to the Station

So, I told the kids that this better be the ONLY time they ever see the inside of a holding cell (JAIL!)  and they all agreed that it would be.

Our trip to the police station was better than expected!  The officer who gave us the tour went way above and beyond to show us every inch of the facility including office space, departments, break rooms, lockers, interrogation rooms, gun lockers and more exciting places like briefing rooms, the 911 call center, the crime lab (evidence room) the shooting range, the situation training area,  the holding cell (scary!) and the tunnel leading to the courthouse. We got to check out the radar guns and the breathalyzers.  We met the animal control officer and squeezed inside a patrol car.  YEP!  They got to honk a really loud horn too.   All of it was super cool. I learned more than the kids did, I think.  enjoy the photos.

It tied in well with the class we had because we got to correlate our own target practice with the shooting range, our exercise game with the workout room, our fingerprinting activities with their new digital fingering system. etc.

FYI: Here in WA the state has just recently  legalized recreational marijuana.  I didn't vote for it, just so you know.  I asked the office what he thought this new law would do to his workload.  And he explained that the major repercussions will come in the form of DUIs.  And they don't make breathalyzers for marijuana yet, so it means a trip to the ER for a blood draw.  yeah. That's got to be cheap.  and efficient.  and tax-payer friendly.  ug.