Teaching Patriotism

I'm not shy about telling my kids how lucky they are to live in such a great land with so many opportunities and blessings. I try to show my passion for politics and love of country in my every day pursuits. I know some parents try not to be "political" in front of the kids so as to allwo them a chance to develop their own policial views. Whhaaaaat? If I don't teach my kids what I believe is correct and true about politics and our sacred duty to uphold the constitution, there are plenty of folks on the other side of the fence that would be HAPPY to brainwash them into their camp.

My mom tells me that when she grew up in California during the 50s and 60s, she believed that government was all good, that government could do no wrong, that there was no such thing as a "bad cop" and that all public officials could be trusted implicitly. Well, guess what...our kids can't afford to grow up like that!

So, while I don't regularly preach politics, I DO make a point to show my patriotism. I had a wonderful opportunity to do just that last night as we read from a great book called (IN THE YEAR OF THE BOAR AND JACKIE ROBINSON)IN THE YEAR OF THE BOAR AND JACKIE ROBINSON BY LORD, BETTE BAO[AUTHOR]Paperback{In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson} on 1986

Without spoiling the book for you, it's about a Chinese immigrant family. THe story is told by the young daughter in fifth grade. One day her teacher asks the class why Americans are so in love with baseball. What is it about baseball that Americans so deeply resonate with? No student could think of a good answer. So the teacher lays out this elloquent explanation:

"In our national passtime, each player is a member of a team, but when he comes to bat, he stands alone. One man. Many opportunities. For no matter how far behind, how late in the game, he by himself, can make a difference. He can change what has been. He can make it a new ball game.
"in the life of ournation, each man is a citizen of the United States, but he has the right to pursue his own happiness. For no matter what his race, religion, or creed, be he pauper or president, he has the right to speak his mind, to live as he wishes within the law, to elect our officials and stand for office, to excel. To make a difference. To change what has been. To make a better America.
"And so can you. And so MUST you!"
Pg. 92

That is so powerful. I love it. It's why I cry at every game when they sing the national anthem.

My daughters and I had a beautiful conversation about the blessing of freedom and what makes it possible. I was clear about the two things we must do to maintain our freedom. Namely, we must honor God and keep his laws. We must also honor and uphold the Constitution.

My 7yo then piped up and said, "Mom, Obama likes to recycle. So that's good. He does good things." Uh....where is this info coming from? "My teacher told me!"
The look on my face must have said it all, because then she back peddled and said, " I mean, I don't know. I just know that."

Yeah, like I said, if I don't teach, there are PLENTY of others who will.


  1. This is a really nice post! I have to check out the book you mentioned. Thank you for sharing.


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