And we are BACK!

Today was our first day of our return to homeschool. And it felt great. Mostly it felt gret because my daughter has now made the choice to be on the journey with me as a partner, rather than an unwilling tagalong. She has looked on the other side of the fence, and decided that the grass really is greener right here at home. Wow. That's pretty much all the validation I ever need.

Experimenting with public school was probalby the healthiest thign we could have done for our homeschool. At first it made me angry, even a little scared, that we were delving into the depths of government run education. But the insight we gained into ourselves, our family, our relationsihp to learning and each other is priceless. Irealize that I'm being vague when referring to the positive effect that this experience has had on our family and our homeschoo. Truth is, there have been so many benefits (not academic) to this experience that, if I was asked, I would certainly recommend that every homeschool family take a break when they feel the need, and just give public school a temporary try. You might be surprised at what you gain.


  1. hi Kelly,

    that is so great to hear!!!
    I can imagine all your feelings and
    I would have been so scared too to send my son off to school where I don't want him to be really..
    it would be great to find out some of your benefits having that trial period...

    mel and A.L.


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