Pumpkin Lessons

I just barely read this in our work box yahoo group and thought it was so fun that I'd share it here as well:

Pumpkin Places
"Fresh from the World" is a program by the University of Illinois extension that explores different aspects of food in our lives. There are a series of slideshow videos – this one is "Pumpkins…The Scary Squash!"

There are "Back" and "Next" buttons, which are helpful to review information. For the sake of comprehension, kids can view this once just to get familiar with it, a second time to make a note of vocabulary (especially words they don't know), and then a third time to answer the questions on this worksheet:

Want to carve a pumpkin, but with no mess? Here is a way your kids can do just that!

And finally, here's a great way for your students to write a scary story while practicing parts of speech. Go to Spooky Night ad-lib where kids fill in the blanks with the correct parts of speech and make some silly – er, scary – stories! You can even print them out.


  1. What great ideas!! I'll have to do them with my kids...and the tortilla treat, too.


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