The Growing Book Club

Here's another fun update on our Family-to-Family book club.

Our friends chose Charlotte's Web to read for our last book club and it was a huge hit with the kids. They also hosted the meeting and planned the most adorable activities for the kids.

We made spiders out of cupcakes and string licorice. The best part were the paper plate webs the kids made (center cut out with holes punched around edge and laced with yarn), complete with words cut from newspaper just like the ones Templeton would have chosen for Charlotte. Very cute. The kids had a blast.

So the word is spreading and we now have a third family joining the book club. They have chosen a really fun book for us to read this time:

And I'm pleased to say that in the last 2 days we had a fourth family join us! It's so terrific to see other families join us in our love of literature. What a fun way to bring families together while teaching children that reading is a life long pursuit for all of us. I couldn't be happier about the way things are turning out!


  1. What fun! It makes me want to be a part of a family-to-family book club!

  2. They are easy to start! Just pick a family with similarly aged children, pick a book, and start reading. Choose a date to meet for a discussion, snack and activity. Voila. book club.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement...I really ought to give it a try.

  4. yes, i agree, what a great idea! i will have to do that!


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