October Art Projects

I know the month is over and sharing ideas on October art projects is a bit pointless, but just for future reference and to remember all the fun we had, here are some of the fun projects we did during table time this month:

These are just brown lunch bags stuffed with newspapers and painted.

These are made by placing construction paper cut outs between 2 pieces of wax paper and then ironing. We had a lot of fun with them.


Pretty self explanatory.

And Spiders:

We also took a walk to collect fall leaves and pinned them up on the line that also supports our ghosts and spiders:

Here's one that is a bit off topic but the kids loved it:
Balloon Printing:
I forget where I got this idea. I think it was from the workbox Littles yahoo group. I covered our table with white paper (from a roll), poured paint in a tray for them all to share, and let them have at it. Of course, by then end we had just a bunch of grayish blackish paint, but the process was enjoyable. And the finished product was something like a mural that now hangs on our wall.