Alphabet Exercise Cards

I saw some really great alphabet exercise cards on one of the yahoo groups I follow. But they were all in color (my printer is NOT) and I wanted so spice them up with a few more challenging exercises.

So...I made up some of my own and I'm happy to share them with you here:

For some reason Google docs always changes my formatting so they don't look as pretty as the originals. Oh well. Hope they are useful to somebody out there.

And you can ignore the last 1.5 pages if you like. I was trying to save space for another project of mine, which entails a 3-part matching game for different country flags.

I thought it would be fun to pick out the cards that spell the child's name, or pick an exercise to go with the letter of the week, or spell out the subject of a workbox and do the exercises before taking out the workbox. Lots of possibilities. I'm just looking for ways to keep my kids moving as the weather gets wet and cold.