More Fall Fun

Can't help it! I love Fall. Here are some of our recent Fall activities and projects:

A Feelings Pumpkin:

WE combined our pumpkin theme with our "feelings" lesson. This pumpkin has 4 faces, each face expresses a different feeling. He's easy to make. Just find a pumpkin template and trace/cut it out on construction paper 4 times. Fold each pumpkin in half, glue them together and voila. Use a pipe cleaner for the stem. Decorate faces before gluing together.

Here's another:

This was a fun project. Our little owl was used to help us learn the following poem for one of our music lessons:

High above in that old tree, HOO, HOO, HOO
There is someone watching me HOO, HOO, HOO
He's keeping me within his sight, HOO, HOO, HOO
As he shrieks all through the night HOO, HOO, HOO

They say the Owl is very wise HOO, HOO, HOO
He's smarter than the other guys HOO, HOO, HOO
But I'm not convinced it's really true HOO, HOO, HOO
BEcause he's forever asking "who?" HOO, HOO, HOO

If knowledge is the Owl's game HOO, HOO, HOO
Then why doesn't he know my name? HOO, HOO, HOO
I've told him time and time anew HOO, HOO, HOO
But still he keeps on asking "Who?" HOO, HOO, HOO

I wish that Wold would go away HOO, HOO, HOO
It makes me mad to hear him say HOO, HOO, HOO
But there's nothing left for me to do, HOO, HOO, HOO
Except to tell him to ask YOU! HOO, HOO, HOO

Have the kids repeat the HOO, HOO, HOO each time to practice making a high pitch sound in their heads. Contrast it with a low pitch HOO in their chest/throat.

Pumpkin Poem:

(sorry it's sideways)

Each morning we have "table time" before we dig in to our workboxes. Table time consists of a song, prayer, flag, calendar, weather, poem and then some kind of group activity like a game, craft, experiment or project.

I change the poem only every 2 weeks so that even my littlest one has a chance to learn all the words. I make a puppet of sorts to go with each poem and they each have a turn holding it during the poem. So we say the poem 3 times each morning.

Here's our pumpkin poem for the first 2 weeks of October:

Pumpkins oval, pumpkins round,
Pumpkins tumbling on the ground
Pumpkins orange, pumpkins gold,
Pumpkins even white I'm told!
Pumpkins FAT and pumpkins thin
Pumpkins with rough bumpy skin
Pumpkins pretty and pumpkins fun
OH, how can I pick just one?
(there was more to the poem, but I cut it down to 8 lines becaue my chart only has 8 pockets.)

So, for tomorrow's table time here is what we are going to do:

This is a flannel board game that I got from Teacher FIle BOx dot com. I do love my membership with them. So worth it. This is called "Witch's Cat" and you first need to teach the kids this poem:

Come my pretty
Come my pet
You can't hide
I'll find you yet!

Then you call one child up to look under one of the objects to see if the cat is there. If not, she sits down and someone else gets a turn. If they find the cat, they are the next to hide it in a different spot while others hide their eyes.