Fall Fun

We celebrated the first day of Fall, which was September 22, by covering up some of our bare wall space with this fun Fall Tree.

I got the idea from my membership at TeacherFileBox.com

I used lunch bags for the branches. And for the leaves I made my own template. Each leaf has a green side and a "fall side" that is either red, yellow or orange. The green sides are numbered and help us count down to Halloween. Each day we flip a leaf over so we can watch the tree turn colors and it helps cut down on the "how many more days to Halloween mom?" questions.

Once all the leaves are turned, we'll drop them one or two down to the base of the tree as we watch the seasons turn to winter.

Maybe when winter hits we'll put snow on our tree and decorate it with lights for Christmas. It could be a really fun way to celebrate each season.

Then we read some really cute Fall stories: the Biggest Pumpkin Ever
The Scarecrow's Hat

I love Fall. It's my favorite.