Preschool Activities

So, my 2yo and 3yo will be increasingly active in our school room this year. I have the challenge of making our school room user-friendly for all of them now.

Coming up with activities for the 2yo is proving to be the most challenging, but here are a couple that I think he'll like:

He'll spread out the different colored pieces of felt and then try to toss the matching bean bag on it. I think my 3yo will like this too and it can be used in a variety of more/less challenging ways.

Sorting plastic silverware. Just for fun. Got it at the dollar store.

Sorting sea shells (bought them at fred meyer) into a 12 compartment bead organizer. This is re-do of an older version I had of this activity. I used to use the entire bag of shells (but it took way too long for them to do) and have them sort it in a muffin tin (but the thing was way too big). I think this will work better and re captivate their interest in the activity. I may add tweezers to make it more challenging and the 6yo will probably like it too.

More to come, I hope.


  1. I just starred the sorting cutlery activity, great idea! Thanks!


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