Post Card Kids

So, after being absent from my blog for a goooood long while, here I am again. Like most homeschooling moms, I've been very busy rearranging, organizing, decluttering, planning, and generally trying to get my ducks in a row for the coming school year which is ever so quickly approaching.

I had envisioned homeschooling over the summer. And while we did do a few things (unit studies on bees, the orchestra, lots of reading) my brain and my body just needed a break from the day-to-day grind. And I wanted my kids to enjoy summer to its fullest. So we put the books aside for most of the summer and just enjoyed being immersed in summer time activity.

However, I continued my never ending research on possible projects and materials. In the process I came across a great yahoo group called Postcard kids. You can join it here.

This is a great way to have fun while learning US geography. We just started this month and have been taking a nice easy pace so as not to get overwhelmed with all the sending and receiving of postcards. Here's a look at our map and our cards:

I used rubber cement to adhere the map to the foam board. I got the map from a dollar bin at Target while visiting family in Idaho. The board is then hanging from 2 clothespins that I hot glued right to the wall. YEP! you can do it and it will come off without damaging the wall.

My kids are loving this little "club" they're in. After we've got them all, or perhaps as we go along, it would be a great opportunity to use our postcards for further unit studies on each state or for notebooking/lapbooking.