First Successful Family Book Club Meeting

Well, it took some time to pull it off, but we've had our first family book club meeting. And it was a hit! We had a superb time.

For those of you who may not be aware, we read Stuart Little by E.B. White with a family who has children of similar ages as our own. Then we set a date to meet at our house for a simple book discussion, a craft activity related to the story, and a treat.

The meeting lasted about1.5 hours (but could have been shorter if the adults weren't enjoying themselves so much").

To get the discussion rolling, I shared some information on the author with the kids and then used a few of the questions from this site to further our discussion. IT was great to hear from the kids about how they enjoyed the book and what they thought of it. So fun.

For our craft, we made small beds for Stuart out of Popsicle stix and matchboxes. Here's a look at one of them (unfortunately I didn't get pics of the rest):

I kept the treat very simple since we had just arrived back in town from vacation. We had jello and whipped cream. Doesn't get much easier than that but I think most of us enjoyed it.

Our friends offered to choose a book and host the next month's meeting for us! We'll be continuing on with the same author and reading Charlotte's Web. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.