Starting a Family Book Club

My head is swimming with great ideas for the coming school year. Sometimes I feel lost in the rush of ideas. It's been a struggle to keep my thoughts organized enough to actually be able to implement them. I've finally come to accept that our home school will be ever evolving and always a work in progress. It will never be "just right". And that's ok.

But I am feeling good about taking one step toward setting up a family-to-family book club as suggested in the book I'm currently reading: A Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion

I've invited a family with similarly aged children to join us in choosing a classic (there's a terrific list of classics for all ages in the book mentioned above), reading it at home as a family , and then joining us one month from now to discuss the book with our kids, do a fun activity relating to the book, and then share dessert together.

I was happy at their quick acceptance of our invitation and we all look forward to our August meeting. I'll keep you posted!