Sound Drawers

Here is a pic of our sound drawers

I found a bunch of these little drawers for sale at the dollar store and hot glued them all together.

Here's what I have in my "s" drawer

I have a mix of things that I had around the house (picture of sandles and mini scissors), things I bought at the craft store in the wooden crafts section (sun), and things I ordered from Montessori Services (spider).

The heart shaped box on top is our Story Box.

Sometimes I will put 5-10 objects from the drawers into the story box. Then we sit in a circle and take turns pulling out an object. The first person uses his/her object to begin telling a story. The next person uses his her object to continue the story where the first person left off. You can then record the story, make copy work from scenes in the story, illustrate the story, act out the story...or not.

My kids love this activity. We've come up with some pretty loopy stories in the past.

We also use the sound drawers together with our home made sandpaper letters in a more traditional way to identify beginning sounds.


  1. Hello Kelly, I just found your blog through playschool6 yahoo group and I am really enjoying it! I love the idea of the story box. My kids love telling stories so this would be great for them!

    Thank you.

  2. Your blog is great! I, too, am a fan of both montessori and TJed, and I am excited to watch how you implement them. I appreciate your reasons for homeschooling (in your first post)as they put into words my thoughts of why I want to homeschool my son.

  3. Just found your blog you have some wonderful ideas. I am a homeschool mom to 3 too. Loved reading your blog I will be back -- adding you to my blog roll.


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