More of my Montessori Creations

Here are just a couple more things that I've made over the past while to help my 3yo with introductory math:

I made this after I saw the unifix stair online. I created the number columns on my computer and glued them to some foam board. I used match sticks to better define the top and bottom of the columns. I followed the Montessori bead stair colors as best I could given the colors that were available from the selection of Unifix cubes I had. The cubes were included in our materials sent by WAVA.

And here's my own version of the Montessori Spindles

This is made from an old curtain I had around the house. I stitched a few simple pockets and used stickyback felt numbers from the craft store.

My 3yo really enjoys both of these activities.

UPDATE: After reading one of the comments from a very kind reader who pointed out the missing "0" from this work, I've since modified the work to look like this:


  1. Hi there. I am a montessori directress and I wanted to let you know that your materials are lovely! I just want to let you know that the spindle box has a very specific feature. It introduces zero to the child for the first time in a very concrete way. There are no spindles that go into zero, therefor it shows the child that zero is "nothing at all" Otherwise it's lovely

  2. thank you for that input! I'll have to remodel my material!



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