UNC Homeschool Day

Being totally new in the area, there is always so much to explore! Today we went to the UNC Chapel Hill campus to participate in their homeschool day at the planetarium and science center.

We saw a show called Cosmic Colors in the planetarium followed by a viewing of our night time sky. Very cool! I'd recommend it if you get a chance to see it where you are.  It was a great tie in with our astronomy studies from last year, as well as my 6th grader's study of light and energy this fall.

Unfortunately I had to miss quite a bit of the Phantastic Physics presentation because the little one was getting tired and loud! We had to head outside for a while.  But when I came back in guess who I found standing up at the front volunteering to help out in an experiment?

I think it must be a childhood rite of passage to play around with a van de graaff generator!

The science building is really neat!