Family Book Club- Owls in the Family

We recently finished reading Owls in the Family together.  I loved it!  Another story based out of   Canada.  I loved that it was a shorter book that we were able to finish fairly quickly this time.  The story is so simple, and yet so endearing and entertaining.  My kids loved it too and they never wanted me to put the book down.

So to celebrate this book reading, we invited some friends over to dissect owl pellets with us!   Super fun.  A tiny bit gross.  Mostly interesting.

Here are some fun photos.

Look at these scientists hard at work!

Wow, this student worked very carefully and thoroughly to unpack this intact skull from the pellet.  I was impressed!  One of the pellets even had two complete skulls in it. That was a hungry owl!  If you're wondering what the bleach was for, some of the kids decided to bleach teh bones (3 minute process) and take them home to glue onto cardboard using the identification chart to form a complete skeleton.

Here we are talking about an owl's part in the food web.  I gave the kids necklaces that named their part in the web, and I used yarn to connect the producers and consumers in this web and make the activity a bit more memorable.

Fun times!  I was so glad to wipe down the tables with disinfectant and thoroughly clean the floors when it was all done.  Ick.