Family Field Trip Part 3: Mt. Rainier Scenic Railway

Our last stop before heading home was the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railway.  It was fun, but a little disappointing.  We all had visions of climbing up the steep side of a mountain with majestic views from the top.

Nothing of the sort.

It's a bumpy 20 minute ride each way with a 40 minute break in between so you can get off and spend money at the local coffee stand or gift shop.  That's about it.  There were some pretty views, but we didn't gain any elevation at all. It was flat the whole way.  We went over teh river and saw some pretty foliage but that was it.

The most disappointing part is that there weren't even any trail heads near by. We thought we'd have a chance to hike the mountain while we were there.. Nope.  You get on the train way out in the middle of no where and then ride into a po dunk town of Elbe.  You can't even see Mt. Rainier from where we were, at least not that I was aware of.  Bummer.  We'll have to go back and do Mt. Rainier again.

BUT, it was still enjoyable. I just wish our expectations had been lowered and that we knew what to expect.  There was a cool little museum set up where you board the train.  And it was fun to be inside of a real old train from the early 1900s.  It was a fun experience.  I just wish it had been a bit more eventful.

You could move back and forth between the different cars.  It was a wiggly, bumpy journey from one end of teh train to the other.

This is a super tiny church that still holds meetings once a month in the summer time.  I think it is Lutherine.  The plaque says that the preacher still shows up for meetings on his bicycle, as is the tradition.