Family Field Trip Part 2- NorthWest Trek

After our tour of the state capitol we drove on over to Eatonville at spent some time at the North West Trek.  The weather wasn't fabulous, and a lot of the animals in the enclosures were hard to view.  But the tour on the tram was pretty cool.  We saw moose, bison, mountain goats, rams, trumpet swans, and learned a lot about the habitats they enjoy.
Poor Baby really needed a good nap!

Sneak a peak of the mama black bear in the background!


Baby Bison!!

We were told to speak softly as we went by the one-week-old bison as they are skittish and frighten easily.  Who knew?

After some dinner at the Mongolian grill, the kids were eager to check in to our hotel room and hit the pool.  Meet Lizzy, our friendly pool pal.  It was challenging to have all seven of us in one hotel room, especially after baby wanted to go to bed at 8pm.  I had to shoo the kids down to the lobby to hang out.  Ugh.  But we had a fun time!  The kids loved staying in the hotel and eating the breakfast in the morning.   That might have been the best part of the trip for them.