It's Raining Diamonds!

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that I get to go to school all over again!  I love learning new things along side the kids.

We studied some interesting facts about Neptune today.  Did you know that scientists believe that the conditions on Neptune would actually result in diamond dust falling from the sky??  Yes, it rains diamonds on Neptune.....maybe.

So, we also learned that there are vehement storms on Neptune, much like those of Saturn and Jupiter. Our project today was to create a cloud in a jar, as there are clouds and storms on Neptune.  We did this by pouring very hot water from a tea kettle in to a quart canning jar.  We then dropped a lit match into the jar and quickly covered the top of the jar with a ziplock bag filled with ice.

Here's the result.  A cloud in a jar.

The coolest part to watch was actually when we removed the ice bag and the cloud came swirling out.  I tried to get a picture.  You can't see it that well.